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Techno Hypocrites & Awesome Outlets


I’ve fully admitted my husband and I are techno junkies, at least within our income means. We are also anti-technology when it comes to our children, hence the hypocrites, which I’ve talked about in I’m not Anti-Techonology, I’m Pro-Kid. Anyway, awhile back I found this awesome USB outlet on Pinterest with USB ports to charge all your gadgets without the need for a converter. Sure that my husband who works in the electrical industry was keeping this fabulous idea from me, I sent it to him. Miraculously, I had stumbled onto something before him [CUE crazy miraculous music]. Needless to say that sparked him to find out if it was something that he could find from a supplier… and viola!

USB Outlet Awesomeness in my kitchen. Works with our iPads and iPods!!!!

Want to know where you can get one from, leave me a comment and I’ll get back to you!

Maybe I’ll even do my first giveaway with one….