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Don’t Blame the Cook


Pippa is a terrible sleeper although admittedly she’s getting better, I mean finally at 20 freaking months, we once again get to sleep almost through the night. Oddly though as an infant she was narcoleptic, she could be screaming her face off one second and then bam she would be utterly asleep. Naturally it never transitioned into her sleeping at night, but she would still randomly, during the day, go into total shutdown survival mode sleep. At one point I researched how early one could be diagnosed with narcolepsy. Not as a baby. She’s mostly grown out of it, except for this one habit of hers… I swear, don’t blame the cook.

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Caging Children?



The new specimen is acclimating well to her new surroundings as can be seen by the photographic evidence, she is rolling around, crawling and clearly claiming her territory. I believe she has happily even willingly succumbed to caged life, earlier she even slept there.

My son HATED the pack and play and therefore it was only used for emergency sleeping situations, like unavoidable travel. Even then it was TORTUROUS for all parties involved and no one was happy. I think if he had the intelligence, motor skills and dexterity he would have burned that sucker to the ground, that’s how much he hated it. Therefore, it stayed hidden away, not even in eyesight except for those rare circumstances when it was needed. So I never assumed my daughter would find any enjoyment or contentment in it, except she kinda did.

Our pack and play came with this owl mobile that she loved to look at, so if you had to run to the bathroom or throw in a load of laundry you could set her in the bassinet portion for a few minutes, turn the owls on and be GOLDEN. Eventually their amazingness wore off and they were just owls, no longer fun to look at. Then it served as somewhere to put her when she was sleeping and you didn’t want to try to put her upstairs for fear the other would wake her.

We’ve been getting ready for a garage sale this week and have been hanging out at my moms and after Pippa got sick of her bouncer one day, I threw her in the pack and play with a bunch of toys, hoping to keep her out of trouble and safe. She was PERFECTLY CONTENT to hang out in the Pack and Play. She will sit in there for AN HOUR at home and just watch all of us. I’m sure she probably thinks we’re the ones in the circus and she’s just the spectator. Like look, all these nutso people to watch, they’re funny!!!! The long-haired one feeds me so I better stick around them. I can get SO MUCH DONE while she contentedly sits in there, chewing on toys, watching her crazy brother be crazy. I can write a blog post, I can do laundry, I can shower without an audience!!! Amazing feats in this house!

Yet I have this nagging guilty-mama feeling, am I caging my child?

Pippa is 8 months old and as seen above, pretty content to be caged…