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Addicted to Diapers


(Photo Credit: Someecards)

Do you ever wonder what it would be like to go back and play 20 questions with yourself, sometime in the past? For example if almost 30 me when back and chatted with 17 or 18-year-old me, I can only imagine the reunion would go something like this…

Teenager Me upon seeing Future Me arrive: Gasps…where did those 30 pounds come from and what happened to your hair, it isn’t blond anymore? What are you doing to future me?????????? Note that teenager me was a little vain and suffered from rather nasty eating disorder toward the end of high school.

Future Me: Yeah about that, the question is where did those 15 pounds come from, because you could gain at least 10, and it was a small price to pay for future children, and surprisingly, unfortunately, in reality blond you sticks around for quite some time.

Teenager Me: Taking in this information and glancing at Future Me’s wedding ring: WAY TO GET MARRIED!!!! What’s he like? (Can we say one-track mind?)

Future Me: NO NO NO, no giving away anything you’ll have to do that on your own, but he’s perfect for you, that’s all I’ll say!  Now I’ve got a few questions for you…How do you feel about diapers?

Teenager Me: UGH diapers smell bad, and aren’t they really bad for the environment? Teenager me already cared about the environment, just not her own body, what can I say, nobody’s perfect. Teenager me also had no idea what cloth diapers were except something her parents or grandparents used and were believed to be extinct much like a triceratops.

Future Me: Yes diapers, don’t you think they’re completely addicting…don’t you care about your future children?

Teenager Me: Umm perhaps you should seek therapy, meanwhile I think I’ll have a diet coke.

Future Me: Okay but make sure to STUDY!!! and don’t drink too much!!! (what can I say I’m a mother)

Clearly teenager me must think I have some kind of weird obsession with poop if I love diapers this much. You might think I’ve lost my mind, but then I would have to ask you, do you use cloth diapers? Because you probably don’t. They are super addicting. Not just because they are actually cheaper than disposable diapers (albeit your initial investment is a bit higher), they are better for the environment (don’t get me started on my insane theory  that someday we’re going to send all the disposable diapers from the landfills to a black hole without actually knowing the effect this will have on the universe), better for your baby’s bottom (think less chemicals) and honestly they are way cuter. I think it’s this last bit that has so many of us addicted. There are so many different options and kinds from cotton babies including the well-known bumGenius and flip to best bottom  to FuzziBunz to Tiny Tush (From WI <3) and so so many others, those are just some of my favorites. Cloth diapers come in a never ending sea of colors, patterns, styles and materials. There are cloth diapers for all occasions.  To the point that I have to refrain from adding to my stash simply because I want her to have that super cute pattern or color not because she needs another cloth diaper. That’s what’s so great about them though, they are not just functional but adorable, easy to use and wash as well and who doesn’t love adorable.  I think we may have to start support groups, alternatively perhaps some kind of diaper swapping program because at this rate,  when you just want to keep buying it’s not so much the savings that cloth diapers give you but the hug that your giving mother nature by using them and the ability to keep the chemicals typically found in disposable diapers off your baby’s bottom. But seriously how does THIS in lovelace not make your heart swoon. Clearly I need help, I wonder what they call an addiction to diapers?

Anyone else out there have this problem, perhaps we could start a support group  buy in bulk together for some kind of discount? =)

English: Cloth Diaper

English: Cloth Diaper (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Disclaimer: None of the above links paid or gave me anything for mentioning them in my word vomit, think of this as merely the 1st step in admitting my addiction at which time I mention some of my favorite cloth diaper manufacturers. If for any reason you buy something for reading this, lucky them, if you continue to keep reading this, lucky me!

I’m NOT feeling very Pinny lately!!


Don’t get me wrong I love Pinterest, I love the idea behind Pinterest, but at the same time, it seems like it’s just another way of reminding me what a failure I am or can be. I don’t need to be the last girl picked in dodge ball heck I don’t even need to play dodge ball. I pin all of these great ideas and have sworn that each week I will try to make/replicate one of the pins that I find and admittedly have found some great recipes and kids crafts. Yet sometimes I find myself staring at Pinterest and internally screaming GOD I UNDERSTAND I WILL NEVER BE F%CK*NG PERFECT so please stop pinning all these amazing crafts/ideas that only those annoyingly perfect mothers whose children don’t suck all of the energy and life out of their mothers on a daily basis can do. Assholes.

I get that I am the mother at play group whose hair looks like she doesn’t own a brush (stupid natural curls I curse you), who most often has spit up on her arm and nearly always finds some random stain caused by my toddler’s sticky fingers only after I have pulled out of the driveway. I notoriously fail to remember to bring a diaper bag and am as a whole generally the one unprepared for whatever the activity may be and often leave thinking how do the rest of them do it. I’ve come to accept that and know that I LOVE my children and they LOVE me and we have a LOT OF FUN together albeit messy, crazy and totally disorganized, but I just don’t need crap from Pinterest. So when all you perfect mothers pin your crazy ideas about how I should spend that rare free time I have to make DIY dolls that are ridiculously cute and I really want one, I also kind of want to be sick. Do you people really have time to do that, if so I think I might hate you a little. Needless to say, I might need a hiatus from Pinterest.

I’m not Anti-Technology, I’m Pro-Kid!


Our mommy group met today at a nearby restaurant for one of our snack and chats. One of the topics that came up is what does “Natural Parenting” mean. I think everyone has their own definition of natural parenting, for us it means that we try to use as much organic food as possible, especially with the kids, we use cloth diapers on our daughter (we used them on our son until he was a little over a year and then his bum just rejected them completely, we tried everything and nothing except disposables would make his butt rashes go away, even trying taking a break and going back to them after he would clear up) we prefer wood/natural made toys but have other ones as well, and we don’t let our children watch television with the exception of college football and have little contact with technology as a whole. You’re probably asking what’s so special about college football, but it really comes down to that we LOVE the Big Ten (GO BUCKY!!! or as my husband would say GO Hawkeyes) and it’s just nearly impossible to keep a toddler’s attention diverted for an entire football game. Of all of these things, I probably get the most slack and questions about why I don’t let my children watch television/play on the computer/have leapfrog pad thingys etc.. Here’s the thing I don’t judge you and the fact that you let your children watch tv so please don’t judge me because I don’t. Clearly we use technology, I am writing a blog. Further, admittedly I’m a technological junky and Jeff is even worse, so perhaps people judge us because they think we’re hypocrites. But here’s the deal, I’m an adult, I can be a technological junky. I can also recognize my dependence on technology, my limited ability to entertain myself without it and I know how much of my work day is spent in front of a computer.

If all parents were polled about what drives their parenting style, I truly want to believe that most of us want better for our kids. So for me that means I don’t let my children watch television or have much contact with technology as a whole. I hope that instead they will learn to use their imagination more, make up games, sing songs and learn to play on their own and entertain themselves without the constant need for technology to do it for them. Because I know what their future is like. So many jobs are completely dependent on technology, the world is dependent on it almost to the point its scary. So let them be little I say! Let them enjoy being kids and not having their day spent plugged in. And for the most part it has worked. Brecken plays by himself and can entertain himself. While I type this he is in his playroom by himself making a boat (he just yelled this to me) out of his Duplo Legos. See there’s some plastic. Further, as an added benefit we don’t have to deal with a lot of the marketing that comes along with television watching. Brecken is blissfully unaware of the majority of all Disney characters and other mainstream children’s characters. This can make shopping trips a whole lot easier and when he finds something he wants, I know it’s because he truly likes it and it appeals to him not because a commercial told his sponge of a brain that he had to have it. So there’s my rant, if you think I’m crazy that’s fine. Some days I truly wish I let my children watch tv, because I’m not going to lie, to a certain degree it can act like a babysitter and would probably give me a few minutes or hours to do whatever it is I need to do. But then I remind myself, is that really a good reason to let my kiddos watch tv, and for me it’s just not enough. I’m not everybody, so if you let your kids watch tv, I totally understand, there’s even some great shows out there with PBS and those that really focus on an educational component and learning. So let’s make a pact, if you let your kids watch tv I won’t judge you and just because I don’t let my kids watch tv, you don’t judge me.