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Thoughts about Baby Piercing by an Ex-Ear Piercer




I pierced ears on again off again during breaks from college and law school over the course of roughly six (6) years and pierced the ears of tiny babies all the way to my grandmother’s second set of pierced earring holes. During all of this time, I was a childless observer fascinated by the strange anthropology behind ear-piercing. Whilst on vacation, I came across this article on my Facebook page There’s Nothing Cruel about Piercing My Baby’s Ears and desperately wanted to respond. I also desperately wanted to vacation, so I went back to whatever we were doing at the time and didn’t. But let me tell you it’s been nagging me. I wouldn’t say that piercing an infant’s ears is cruel, it’s your legal right as the baby’s guardian, and in the store I worked, after 12 weeks of age or their first shots, for a fee we would happily accommodate your request, but I did learn a thing or two in those six (6) years, and unfortunately for you, I feel the need to share them:






(1) Own up to the fact that this is YOUR choice, not your under 5 year old’s choice. At age infant, 1, 2, 3 and even 4 and 5 they really don’t understand the process or responsibility of the commitment they’re making (or you’re making on their behalf), nor can they care for their ears themselves without at least some assistance.






(2) Ears Grow/Develop. I won’t even begin to tell you how many people out there do not understand the fact that your ears grow and as they grow they change/shift etc. Which is why second to children getting their first piercing one of the next most popular request came from women who had had their ears pierced as infants or small children and now wanted one hole fixed/moved because they are no longer symmetrical. This can be done, only problem is often that first hole has been there so long, no matter what happens it won’t close again.






(3) Ear piercing involves a commitment to personal hygiene. Kids are dirty nasty little creatures, seriously, it amazes me where they collect dirt from. Especially behind and near their ears. Consequently, their ears get infected more frequently than adults, they also tend to do harm to their ears through sporting events, playing, pulling and tugging on their ears, more often than adults. Consequently, if your wee one wants “pretties” on her ears, make sure you/she fully understand the road ahead. Proper ear cleaning is just another thing to add to the never-ending Mommy task list.






(4) If you do decide to get her ears pierced and they do get infected, take the earring out, clean it out with ear care solution, alcohol or HP and let it dry up, if that doesn’t happen then take her to her pediatrician. Do not take her oozing, puss covered and earring still in place because you don’t want pay for another piercing back to the ear piercer for advice. A good one will tell you what I just did and a bad one will remind you they’re probably in college and have no idea, worst they will try to give you medical advice.






(5) Remember how amazed you were when your super advanced genius baby got out of her crib all by herself or crawled while standing on her head, that same baby is just as likely to rip out those earrings and eat them. For that reason alone, most pediatricians will tell you to wait.






(6) From experience, for as many children under 5 we pierced, we re-pierced the same set of children between the ages of 8-12 when their first holes had long closed up because they either weren’t ready or had allergy issues and we’re giving it a second go. This is a much better and more successful age for ear-piercing, because they not only fully understand the process and commitment but can be a willing participant in the process knowing full well it’s their choice.






So when you pierce your daughter’s or son’s ears is totally up to you, and no it’s not cruel, but at the same time maybe it isn’t really the best decision either, I’m not telling you not to do it, just to really think through the consequences.




English: A little girl getting her ears pierced.

English: A little girl getting her ears pierced. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)












Addicted to Diapers


(Photo Credit: Someecards)

Do you ever wonder what it would be like to go back and play 20 questions with yourself, sometime in the past? For example if almost 30 me when back and chatted with 17 or 18-year-old me, I can only imagine the reunion would go something like this…

Teenager Me upon seeing Future Me arrive: Gasps…where did those 30 pounds come from and what happened to your hair, it isn’t blond anymore? What are you doing to future me?????????? Note that teenager me was a little vain and suffered from rather nasty eating disorder toward the end of high school.

Future Me: Yeah about that, the question is where did those 15 pounds come from, because you could gain at least 10, and it was a small price to pay for future children, and surprisingly, unfortunately, in reality blond you sticks around for quite some time.

Teenager Me: Taking in this information and glancing at Future Me’s wedding ring: WAY TO GET MARRIED!!!! What’s he like? (Can we say one-track mind?)

Future Me: NO NO NO, no giving away anything you’ll have to do that on your own, but he’s perfect for you, that’s all I’ll say!  Now I’ve got a few questions for you…How do you feel about diapers?

Teenager Me: UGH diapers smell bad, and aren’t they really bad for the environment? Teenager me already cared about the environment, just not her own body, what can I say, nobody’s perfect. Teenager me also had no idea what cloth diapers were except something her parents or grandparents used and were believed to be extinct much like a triceratops.

Future Me: Yes diapers, don’t you think they’re completely addicting…don’t you care about your future children?

Teenager Me: Umm perhaps you should seek therapy, meanwhile I think I’ll have a diet coke.

Future Me: Okay but make sure to STUDY!!! and don’t drink too much!!! (what can I say I’m a mother)

Clearly teenager me must think I have some kind of weird obsession with poop if I love diapers this much. You might think I’ve lost my mind, but then I would have to ask you, do you use cloth diapers? Because you probably don’t. They are super addicting. Not just because they are actually cheaper than disposable diapers (albeit your initial investment is a bit higher), they are better for the environment (don’t get me started on my insane theory  that someday we’re going to send all the disposable diapers from the landfills to a black hole without actually knowing the effect this will have on the universe), better for your baby’s bottom (think less chemicals) and honestly they are way cuter. I think it’s this last bit that has so many of us addicted. There are so many different options and kinds from cotton babies including the well-known bumGenius and flip to best bottom  to FuzziBunz to Tiny Tush (From WI <3) and so so many others, those are just some of my favorites. Cloth diapers come in a never ending sea of colors, patterns, styles and materials. There are cloth diapers for all occasions.  To the point that I have to refrain from adding to my stash simply because I want her to have that super cute pattern or color not because she needs another cloth diaper. That’s what’s so great about them though, they are not just functional but adorable, easy to use and wash as well and who doesn’t love adorable.  I think we may have to start support groups, alternatively perhaps some kind of diaper swapping program because at this rate,  when you just want to keep buying it’s not so much the savings that cloth diapers give you but the hug that your giving mother nature by using them and the ability to keep the chemicals typically found in disposable diapers off your baby’s bottom. But seriously how does THIS in lovelace not make your heart swoon. Clearly I need help, I wonder what they call an addiction to diapers?

Anyone else out there have this problem, perhaps we could start a support group  buy in bulk together for some kind of discount? =)

English: Cloth Diaper

English: Cloth Diaper (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Disclaimer: None of the above links paid or gave me anything for mentioning them in my word vomit, think of this as merely the 1st step in admitting my addiction at which time I mention some of my favorite cloth diaper manufacturers. If for any reason you buy something for reading this, lucky them, if you continue to keep reading this, lucky me!

How Clean is your Clean?


Brecken rarely put things in his mouth that weren’t supposed to go there. All of my choking neurosis with him was focused on the fact that he never seemed to want to chew his food enough. Nevertheless, given he was my first or because people always want to give you advice, people kept warning me, babies always put things in their mouth that they shouldn’t, you can never be too careful… While likely true for most babies and I’m sure he did but even as I type this I can’t recall anything, no freak out moments where he almost swallowed something he shouldn’t, nada. Now Pippa on the other hand, well I’m going to offer her clean testing services for the  mere price of 1 hour of babysitting or $50.00. Ladies and Gentlemen throw away your white gloves because I assure you I’ve got something better.

The Pippa Test.

I merely set her down near or on the clean service and she will very carefully and thoroughly inspect every square inch of it and find the only speck of dirt around for miles.

Then very carefully she will take out her secret weapon, aka her pointer finger and grind that speck of dirt down onto the floor sooo hard and for sooo long that it is guaranteed to stick to her finger and then BAM before you can say “WHAAAT” it’s in her mouth. And before you can blink an eye she’s eaten dirt, dog hair, a combination of dirt and dog hair, the clear tag from a clothing purchase….the list goes ON and FREAKING ON…

I see an emergency room visit in our future very soon unless I really resort to caging my baby. Because in a house with two dogs and a two year old, lets just say she’s having herself a field day. Can babies have pica, because the concerning part is she doesn’t seem to mind the taste of mounds of dog hair? Even better yet, this little lean mean sneaky eating machine is now refusing to take a bottle if I’m not here…Fab-u-NOT.

So now my new goal is trying to not only keep our house which is a DISASTER due to all our traveling as of late clean but to keep it Pippa clean and find something she will eat on the days I work. Sigh. Do any of your babies have strange okay maybe this isn’t so strange, lets say aggravating habits?

lean mean blue eyed dirt eating machine

Don’t let her fool you, she’s a lean, mean, blue-eyed, dirt-eating machine!

Slept like a Baby or did I?


Who the H came up with that saying? Slept like a baby? So what you got 14 hours of sleep in 2 hour increments, maybe with a long stretch of 5-6 hours, umm okay lucky you I guess. The only thing I can think of is that whoever started this saying either didn’t have kids or was so old they don’t remember having kids. Lets be clear too, the saying isn’t slept like a baby’s parents, because let’s be honest no one wants to be us. Except I keep seeing all these annoying posts on Facebook like OMG my 3 week old slept for 8 hours straight!!!! I’m torn between asking when they feed their baby and when, absolutely hating them, or going all Red Foreman and reaching though the screen to shove my foot up their a$$.  Then clarity sets in, and laughter ( possibly hysteria?) takes over and I remind myself that no baby is perfect!! Those with good sleepers can have super fussy eaters, teething monsters, crazy clingy babies, colic set in or any number of other challenges we face as parents. And trust me that great sleeper at eight weeks can be an awful sleeper at almost 8 months, example A is currently sitting in my lap. We all pay our dues so to speak. And if you claim to have the perfect baby, not going to lie, I’m going to think you’re lying, but if not, you should probably look into cloning because that kind of thing only happens once.

We went on a mini-vacation last weekend and were prepared for the worst. It normally takes our son like 3 weeks to recover from vacation and get back into his sleep routine. That’s not to mention that he doesn’t generally get any sleep on vacation. He surprised us this time. Now his sister, well that’s another story, she didn’t sleep hardly at all the first night, then as if that wasn’t enough we got an encore last night, our 2nd night home.  She’s the gift that just keeps giving, let me tell you. But as a whole, it could have been a lot worse for our first nights away from home with two kiddos instead of one, and all sleeping in the same room.  In fact, I think the two of them were better than Brecken has ever been by himself before. Here are some tips that we found that seemed to work, in case anyone else has this problem:

Bedtime Vacation Tips:

1. Stick to Routine: This is hard!!!! We didn’t do so well with naps but were very good about getting Brecken down the same time every night and as close to the same routine as possible, three books and then bedtime. It worked, at 27 months he knows this routine and is comfortable with it and I really believe it helped.

2. Make things Familiar: We brought all of his bedding, pillow, blanket to snuggle, puppy dog he snuggles which sounds like a lot but really wasn’t. I think this helped to make him comfortable away from home, he was on a twin aero-bed so he wasn’t much lower than his toddler bed would be and we decked it out with all of his bedding so it seemed like his bed.

3. Don’t Compete with Bedtime: Another thing hard to do but if there’s something better than bedtime (well lets be honest some nights anything is better than bedtime) it can be harder to get them down, especially somewhere unfamiliar. So try to take some time before bedtime with mellow activities, nothing that is so awesome there is no way that your little one wants to miss, so if you’re out making smores make sure he/she gets to join in the fun before having to head off to bed.

4. Don’t Rush It: In line w/ number 3, kids know if you’re trying to run off to have a good time without them, so as much as you might be dying to crack open that wine and hang with your spouse, make sure to stick to routine and don’t rush through it, read the stories, sing the songs and remember if your child is anything like mine, they look forward to this one on one time and depend on it.

On an aside, in case any of you want to know anything more about me, I’ve include my new autobiography below, except that I CAN cook, when I WANT to. I’ll let you figure out the operative word in that sentence!

Clearly everyone has something to offer in a relationship =) !!!!

(Photo Credit: someecards.com)