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End of a Breastfeeding Era


I know, you’re probably thinking that based on my sporadic posting that I’m going to tell you I’ve decided to stop blogging. Sorry, you’re not off the hook that easily, I have to have someone to share my awesomeness gibberish with. Today marks one week of not breastfeeding. I left last Thursday for Chicago and then Georgia and was gone almost 5 days during which there was no frozen milk supply or any alternate to whole milk. Granted she’s 19 months old, so it’s not really a problem except she loves to nurse. Apparently not enough lately though, because unlike in January where I couldn’t make it without pumping while we were in Vegas, I had absolutely no problem in Savannah. Simply because there was no milk.

How do you explain this to a 19 month old who clings to you and yells “eat eat eat”?  I thought each day would get better, but it seems each day is a little worse. It tears at your heart, I want to give in to the fact that I know she just appreciates the sheer comfort of it, but at the same time I know I’m just postponing the inevitable. So I redirect, offer attractive snacks at times and in amounts never before heard of, how about marshmallows, disgusting chemical filth I would probably not normally give you, sure you can have fistfuls, how about a sucker or cookie or here just lick the sugar from the bag. Anything to make you happy, since this is breaking my heart just a little bit. It’s made worse by knowing she’s probably going to be the baby forever and you want everything to last forever with the baby, really you just want to stop time and keep them little forever.

Except we can’t. From the minute they are born they are growing away from us, first they roll away, crawl away, walk away, eventually they make new friends and want to play with them, next they are off at school and we become less and less important until finally the day comes when they go out into the world on their own, away from us. Yet no matter where they go, there is a part of them that are always secure in our hearts and it aches a little as if a piece of us is missing, each time they grow away.

Now after all of the complaining about the challenges of nursing a breastfeeding toddler, I should celebrate. I mean really let’s review, I can drink more than an occasional glass of wine, take allergy medicine again, and I’ll never have to pull out that dreaded breast pump again. I should be pouring margaritas and toasting to the end of this era. Yet instead, I just feel sad.


The Angry Face

Who wouldn’t want to give that face, whatever she desires!

On Being Milked Like a Cow


Grab. Squeeze. Pull Down. In very simple terms, that is how you hand milk a cow. It is also Pippa’s newest technique for either attempting to get more milk while nursing or purely for the entertainment value. I mean really she has to have something to do while she’s hanging out, doesn’t she? Don’t answer that! Perhaps it is the farming blood coming out in her, I’m not really sure. All I know is I used to complain about how pumping made me feel like I had more than I ever wanted in common with the popular milk breed, but this new little quirk of hers has that beat hands down. As if nursing a toddler that won’t wean doesn’t have its own particular set of challenges, see past complaints regarding gymnastics and circular kicks to the face, I’m now subjected to her not so pleasant grab and squeeze. Why does this bring me back to bad memories from college?If eventually I stop writing and start mooing, please stop me.

We’ve also hit that stage where you can tell people think it’s weird that we’re still nursing. If they were to ask, which no one does, the reasons are multiple. In fact I’ll tell you, maybe I’ll get a few less strange looks. They include the fact that she doesn’t sleep through the night and if I want her to sleep past 3 a.m. it’s a must, she’s pretty small for her age and not particularly fond of whole milk, so we’d like her to drink something, and if you were to get over your cultural biases it’s actually totally freaking normal, just not particularly convenient. This last point, combined with the fact that not everyone can nurse, is what I attribute to this country’s viewpoint on breastfeeding. We’re selfish as a country, we like ourselves and our freedoms and Mama’s who breastfeed give up even more of their time (think pumping, planning, nursing time) than those who use formula, time which is can be very valuable when you have little ones. This along with the fact that there is some strange stigma about a baby nursing as compared to someones boob hanging out of their dress, that makes us just nonsensical as a nation. Not that it keeps the creepers from staring at you in public, even when you’re covered up.

So the next time you see a Mama nursing, don’t stare or gawk, just know she’s doing it for reasons that must be pretty important to her and leave her the heck alone, and if the nursing one is a toddler then she really must have her reasons because I assure you no one nurses a toddler for funsies!


Know You’re a Mommy When; Poop Knowledge


Caging Children?



The new specimen is acclimating well to her new surroundings as can be seen by the photographic evidence, she is rolling around, crawling and clearly claiming her territory. I believe she has happily even willingly succumbed to caged life, earlier she even slept there.

My son HATED the pack and play and therefore it was only used for emergency sleeping situations, like unavoidable travel. Even then it was TORTUROUS for all parties involved and no one was happy. I think if he had the intelligence, motor skills and dexterity he would have burned that sucker to the ground, that’s how much he hated it. Therefore, it stayed hidden away, not even in eyesight except for those rare circumstances when it was needed. So I never assumed my daughter would find any enjoyment or contentment in it, except she kinda did.

Our pack and play came with this owl mobile that she loved to look at, so if you had to run to the bathroom or throw in a load of laundry you could set her in the bassinet portion for a few minutes, turn the owls on and be GOLDEN. Eventually their amazingness wore off and they were just owls, no longer fun to look at. Then it served as somewhere to put her when she was sleeping and you didn’t want to try to put her upstairs for fear the other would wake her.

We’ve been getting ready for a garage sale this week and have been hanging out at my moms and after Pippa got sick of her bouncer one day, I threw her in the pack and play with a bunch of toys, hoping to keep her out of trouble and safe. She was PERFECTLY CONTENT to hang out in the Pack and Play. She will sit in there for AN HOUR at home and just watch all of us. I’m sure she probably thinks we’re the ones in the circus and she’s just the spectator. Like look, all these nutso people to watch, they’re funny!!!! The long-haired one feeds me so I better stick around them. I can get SO MUCH DONE while she contentedly sits in there, chewing on toys, watching her crazy brother be crazy. I can write a blog post, I can do laundry, I can shower without an audience!!! Amazing feats in this house!

Yet I have this nagging guilty-mama feeling, am I caging my child?

Pippa is 8 months old and as seen above, pretty content to be caged…

Resale Reality & Garage Sale Rant


Who doesn’t like to  downsize  clean house unload some items get rid of their crap! If we can get rid of crap and make a few bucks for the effort even better. What about buying other people’s crap? That can be great too, especially for parents with young children who are constantly growing, changing interest and losing interest as well as those who are on a tight budget. When I found out I was having a girl, I instantly wanted to go buy a brand new baby layette for a baby girl. That seemed a bit unnecessary because I had soooooo many cute baby BOY things at home. Alas they were just that, baby BOY things. While I have nothing against throwing my girl in some blue and toting her around, I didn’t want her to be subjected to an entire hand-me-down wardrobe of the opposite gender. It seemed a little unfair. Also let’s be honest, if you’ve ever shopped in the baby department, the baby girls side is like 3 bazillion times bigger than the baby boy side. Okay, maybe only like 3x bigger, but it is clearly fashion gender injustice I tell you.

So I came up with the fab idea of buying used baby girls clothes at “garage” or “rummage” sales and since I was due October 5, I had the entire sale season ahead of me. I could scope the nicest stuff at the best deals and it would be awesome. Or DISTURBING, which is what it mostly was and still is as this new warm summery sale season is upon us. Let me give you this Mom’s opinion on a few no-no’s for selling children’s clothes/baby things. If you don’t like what I have to say you can either tell me or hit that nice little exit button on the top left of this screen, I really have no preference.

Things to Keep in Mind/Not to do when selling Baby/Children Clothes at a Rummage/Garage Sale:

(1) I DON’T CARE that you either got suckered into buying really “expensive” baby clothes at regular prices or were somehow oblivious to the world of sale shopping-your not even particularly nice brand of baby clothes at a rummage sale shouldn’t cost more than clearance clothes at Baby Gap/Babies R Us or even Kohls.

(2) Under few circumstances should any item of baby clothes cost more than $3.00. See (1) above, other than the great benefit of upcycling/recycling, why wouldn’t I just buy new stuff that hasn’t been pooped in by some other little drooling/pooping monster. I don’t mean to say things like snow suits, winter jackets etc. can’t be priced higher, I said clothes, think pants/shorts/skirts/shirts/dresses etc.

(3) $1.00 for 1 Gerber Onesie is not a good deal, they wear these under things, you can buy $1.00 onesies at Walmart and no matter how much I hate that place, I would buy their new one before I would buy your used one.

(4) Anything with a stain should be priced for cents not dollars. The more stains, the less the price should be, the more stains, the more I ask, why the hell are you selling this.

(5) Age matters, if I’m looking at your baby clothes and wondering what decade they came from that’s a problem, if I’m looking at 0-3 month clothes and you introduce me to your 6-year-old and say that was your favorite outfit for her, that’s a problem. I get where your coming from you don’t want to get rid of it, just in case you may want to have another one eventually or your sentimentally attached to it, but damn it make a decision and if you can’t, then six years later make a donation of the nicest stuff and dispose of the rest not at a rummage sale.

(6) Car seats SHOULD NOT be resold, there is a reason most consignment stores will not carry them and why Babies R Us has a yearly trade in, there are far too many things that can go wrong if you don’t know the car seats history and believe it or not, they DO have expiration dates and safety regulations are CONSTANTLY changing.

(7) You should wash things (clothes, toys, dishes, this is not at all limited to  baby/children’s items) before you sell them. If I pick something up and it clearly hasn’t been washed in eons, I will not buy anything from you for fear that nothing has been washed. It also kinda makes me throw up in my mouth a little, which is just entirely unpleasant for all parties involved. Also you should probably have some basic level of hygiene, if you don’t look like you’ve washed for eons, I’m probably going to leave assuming you don’t wash your possession on at least a regular basis either.

(8) The purpose of a garage sale is to sell things, at least that was my basic understanding of them, if I’m missing something, please let me know. If you price things really high, people won’t want to buy your crap and if you refuse to haggle, you’re eliminating the sport for at least half the people there, I’ve seen some serious hagglers who I’m pretty sure just do it for love of the game.

(9) Play fair, open at the time you say you’re going to open and don’t pre-sell unless you say you will, there’s nothing worse than being on the total search for an obscure or specific item to find it magically listed in someones garage sale, show up 15 minutes early to patiently wait until it opens only to find that you sold it to some asshole who banged on your door at 6:30 a.m. while you were setting up. If that person wanted it bad enough to show up at 6:30 a.m., they will wait until you open.

(10) Have fun and be nice to people, no one likes to shop your sale while you fervently keep your eyes trained on all potential customers darting them around like you’re waiting for one of us to steal your Great Aunt Gertrude’s mismatched silverware.

While I did find some nice things as I shopped, I probably bought things at a total of 5 garage sales of about 50+ that I went to.  In fact I had the best luck at the local library garage sale which benefits the library and in which the clothes were actually donated from a local consignment store. It was like 50 cents an item or $1.00 per outfit across the board with greater discounts given the more you bought. It was great, I bought an insane amount of stuff for under $20.00. I’m also not against paying more for things at rummage sales to benefit charity or local school, but think people should really still follow many of the rules above. If you’re donating stuff for those sales, remember that the goal is to make the charity/school money, so wouldn’t you sleep a little better at night knowing the donation you made was a nice one and will likely actually bank your charity/school some cash as opposed to them having to deal with it afterwards when it doesn’t sell?

Does anyone have any horror stories from their garage/rummage experiences?

Garage sale

Classic Midwestern Garage sale (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sick Kids for Rent…


Ladies and Gentleman, I have got a whopping deal for you, today only for the all time low price of absolutely nothing, heck for a limited time only I will even pay you, I will rent you my sick kids. Minimum rental time is 2 hours. Perhaps you’d like to infect your own kids to ensure they get their spring colds/crud before a planned vacation or family event, maybe you’re a hypochondriac in need of a new ailment, maybe you have Munchausen, perhaps malingering has failed you and you’re looking for the real deal, LOOK NO FURTHER. All it takes is a simple background check and they’re yours, temporarily. I won’t even make you take them somewhere, you can borrow my house while you’re at it, as long as I can lock myself upstairs, take a hot bath and a nap while you manage to keep them from screaming. I assure you it’s a fabulous deal…for me. There is nothing worse than being a sick kid, when you’re too little for medicine, unable to verbalize what’s wrong with you and you just feel crappy, but what’s worse than all that? Being the sick children’s Mama, who is also sick. Sick Sucks. There’s my alliteration for the day, I might turn it into a bumper sticker, because I think that’s about all the funny I have left.

Happy Good Friday!!! Here’s to hoping for a fabulous recovery so we can enjoy the Easter Egg Hunt tomorrow morning at the park, and so that they’re well enough to score me lots of candy!! Yes, I said me, back off.



Pippa chomping on her snot sucker!!!

They have a love/hate relationship, as in she loves putting it in her mouth, hates it going anywhere near her nose.

(Don’t worry I washed it first)

Where did the Baby Easter Bonnets go?


Ask me what I remember from Easter as a child? I remember candy, baskets and HATS!!!! Every year I got a new dress and a HAT to wear to church because on Easter you could wear a hat to church. I was a girly girl and these girly hats were fab, so admittedly I was a little more than excited to have a baby girl this Easter to buy an Easter bonnet for. Don’t get me wrong I appreciate the whole resurrection thing as well but being a wayward sinful christian I might be a little more focused on the hats right now,I mean we want to look fab when attending church and celebrating the resurrection, there’s nothing wrong with looking fab. Anyway, I was beyond disappointed when my hunt for a baby easter bonnet came up empty-handed. While there are tons of Easter hats out there for little girls, maybe ages 2 and up, there are no Easter bonnets for babies. I’ve tried the major department stores and even big box retailers without any luck. Do babies no longer wear bonnets to church on Easter, maybe I’m just old-fashioned.  If not, where did all the Easter bonnets go? I guess we will have to settle for the matching hair bow that goes with her dress. Even my online searches didn’t come up with much, a few vintage bonnets on Etsy and lots of crochet hats that aren’t really bonnets or even Eastery in any way.

Finally last night, I found the most fabulous bonnets ever!!!! Unfortunately not in time for Easter, nor are they technically Easter bonnets, that’s still one mystery I don’t have the answer too, which means I am going to have to somehow rationalize spending way too much money on a bonnet, although I’m banking that they offer fabulous sun protection, because let’s be honest, these are RIDICULOUS as in RIDICULOUSLY ADORABLE…and all babies should have one because damn it, bonnets are making a comeback.

(Photo Credit: Urban Baby Bonnets)

* Edited to add: If it wasn’t obvious given my whining about the price, Urban Baby Bonnets in no way paid for me to mention their bonnets/sponsored this post, nor have they provided me with a bonnet, for all I know the bonnets are far less fab in person although I doubt it, but if I buy one I’ll let you know and take a picture of Pippa in it, because again, as previously stated my personal opinion is they’re ridiculously adorable*