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Don’t Blame the Cook


Pippa is a terrible sleeper although admittedly she’s getting better, I mean finally at 20 freaking months, we once again get to sleep almost through the night. Oddly though as an infant she was narcoleptic, she could be screaming her face off one second and then bam she would be utterly asleep. Naturally it never transitioned into her sleeping at night, but she would still randomly, during the day, go into total shutdown survival mode sleep. At one point I researched how early one could be diagnosed with narcolepsy. Not as a baby. She’s mostly grown out of it, except for this one habit of hers… I swear, don’t blame the cook.

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End of a Breastfeeding Era


I know, you’re probably thinking that based on my sporadic posting that I’m going to tell you I’ve decided to stop blogging. Sorry, you’re not off the hook that easily, I have to have someone to share my awesomeness gibberish with. Today marks one week of not breastfeeding. I left last Thursday for Chicago and then Georgia and was gone almost 5 days during which there was no frozen milk supply or any alternate to whole milk. Granted she’s 19 months old, so it’s not really a problem except she loves to nurse. Apparently not enough lately though, because unlike in January where I couldn’t make it without pumping while we were in Vegas, I had absolutely no problem in Savannah. Simply because there was no milk.

How do you explain this to a 19 month old who clings to you and yells “eat eat eat”?  I thought each day would get better, but it seems each day is a little worse. It tears at your heart, I want to give in to the fact that I know she just appreciates the sheer comfort of it, but at the same time I know I’m just postponing the inevitable. So I redirect, offer attractive snacks at times and in amounts never before heard of, how about marshmallows, disgusting chemical filth I would probably not normally give you, sure you can have fistfuls, how about a sucker or cookie or here just lick the sugar from the bag. Anything to make you happy, since this is breaking my heart just a little bit. It’s made worse by knowing she’s probably going to be the baby forever and you want everything to last forever with the baby, really you just want to stop time and keep them little forever.

Except we can’t. From the minute they are born they are growing away from us, first they roll away, crawl away, walk away, eventually they make new friends and want to play with them, next they are off at school and we become less and less important until finally the day comes when they go out into the world on their own, away from us. Yet no matter where they go, there is a part of them that are always secure in our hearts and it aches a little as if a piece of us is missing, each time they grow away.

Now after all of the complaining about the challenges of nursing a breastfeeding toddler, I should celebrate. I mean really let’s review, I can drink more than an occasional glass of wine, take allergy medicine again, and I’ll never have to pull out that dreaded breast pump again. I should be pouring margaritas and toasting to the end of this era. Yet instead, I just feel sad.


The Angry Face

Who wouldn’t want to give that face, whatever she desires!

Thoughts about Baby Piercing by an Ex-Ear Piercer




I pierced ears on again off again during breaks from college and law school over the course of roughly six (6) years and pierced the ears of tiny babies all the way to my grandmother’s second set of pierced earring holes. During all of this time, I was a childless observer fascinated by the strange anthropology behind ear-piercing. Whilst on vacation, I came across this article on my Facebook page There’s Nothing Cruel about Piercing My Baby’s Ears and desperately wanted to respond. I also desperately wanted to vacation, so I went back to whatever we were doing at the time and didn’t. But let me tell you it’s been nagging me. I wouldn’t say that piercing an infant’s ears is cruel, it’s your legal right as the baby’s guardian, and in the store I worked, after 12 weeks of age or their first shots, for a fee we would happily accommodate your request, but I did learn a thing or two in those six (6) years, and unfortunately for you, I feel the need to share them:






(1) Own up to the fact that this is YOUR choice, not your under 5 year old’s choice. At age infant, 1, 2, 3 and even 4 and 5 they really don’t understand the process or responsibility of the commitment they’re making (or you’re making on their behalf), nor can they care for their ears themselves without at least some assistance.






(2) Ears Grow/Develop. I won’t even begin to tell you how many people out there do not understand the fact that your ears grow and as they grow they change/shift etc. Which is why second to children getting their first piercing one of the next most popular request came from women who had had their ears pierced as infants or small children and now wanted one hole fixed/moved because they are no longer symmetrical. This can be done, only problem is often that first hole has been there so long, no matter what happens it won’t close again.






(3) Ear piercing involves a commitment to personal hygiene. Kids are dirty nasty little creatures, seriously, it amazes me where they collect dirt from. Especially behind and near their ears. Consequently, their ears get infected more frequently than adults, they also tend to do harm to their ears through sporting events, playing, pulling and tugging on their ears, more often than adults. Consequently, if your wee one wants “pretties” on her ears, make sure you/she fully understand the road ahead. Proper ear cleaning is just another thing to add to the never-ending Mommy task list.






(4) If you do decide to get her ears pierced and they do get infected, take the earring out, clean it out with ear care solution, alcohol or HP and let it dry up, if that doesn’t happen then take her to her pediatrician. Do not take her oozing, puss covered and earring still in place because you don’t want pay for another piercing back to the ear piercer for advice. A good one will tell you what I just did and a bad one will remind you they’re probably in college and have no idea, worst they will try to give you medical advice.






(5) Remember how amazed you were when your super advanced genius baby got out of her crib all by herself or crawled while standing on her head, that same baby is just as likely to rip out those earrings and eat them. For that reason alone, most pediatricians will tell you to wait.






(6) From experience, for as many children under 5 we pierced, we re-pierced the same set of children between the ages of 8-12 when their first holes had long closed up because they either weren’t ready or had allergy issues and we’re giving it a second go. This is a much better and more successful age for ear-piercing, because they not only fully understand the process and commitment but can be a willing participant in the process knowing full well it’s their choice.






So when you pierce your daughter’s or son’s ears is totally up to you, and no it’s not cruel, but at the same time maybe it isn’t really the best decision either, I’m not telling you not to do it, just to really think through the consequences.




English: A little girl getting her ears pierced.

English: A little girl getting her ears pierced. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)












Know Your a Mommy When; Superhuman Smell



A letter to my 1 year old…


Dear Philippa Brynn,

I’m sure you’re asking yourself, who is she talking to, I know my peapod, we never call you by your formal name but we wanted to give you the option should you ever feel you grow out of “Pippa” to have another name. Happy 1st Birthday Pippa!!! Someday I hope you have a 1-year-old who we can celebrate their birthday together, because only then can you truly understand what a wonderful roller coaster of a year this has been. Determined to share your mama’s birth month you came 12 days early in September and entered the world swiftly on a beautiful Friday afternoon. This past year you’ve amazed us with your many expressions, from your often observational looks to your cheesy smiles and belly chuckles. You gave us far less scares than your brother did in his 1st year, with few unscheduled trips to the hospital or doctor. You have kept us tired though with your refusal to sleep in your crib or for any real length of time and your complete unwillingness to bother yourself with something like a routine or schedule. Your daring, taking years off my life, with your willingness to put absolutely everything you get your hands on in your mouth, to chew it for a bit, until I can fish it out. As well as your stealth ability to find something to climb. You crawled early and have been walking now for a couple of weeks. You’re determined not to be left behind by your brother. You have these large blue eyes that can just light up a room and will get you in a lot of trouble when your older, I have no doubt. You talk a lot but haven’t quite managed to put the words together yet, with the occasional ma ma ma and what we think is your attempt at the word up. You’re a nursing machine, with no signs of any desire to give up anytime soon. We made it through the year with cloth diapers and I wonder what you will think someday when you have children. Will you be as concerned about the same things I was as a mother? Hopefully there will be new and better options for you.  Some days it feels as though from the minute a baby is born they are leaving you, first turning their head away, rolling, crawling off to explore the world, and walking as you just started doing. I can only imagine what it will be like when you finally fly off on your own and leave for college, work or wherever life takes you. You’ve always kept yourself just a little closer to home than your brother has, making sure we’re in eyesight and keeping us close. You’ve always let us know that we’re the center of your world, and while I understand that eventually it will change, know that I’ve enjoyed being there.

You’re a stubborn one, taking after your parents. You refused to eat any of the homemade purees, not because of a dislike of vegetables but because you were determined to feed yourself “real food”. You love snuggles, cottage cheese, laughing at Brecken, sitting in our laps, chasing the puppies and climbing on anything you can get your hands on. We’re so very blessed to have you in our family Pippa girl and we cannot wait to watch you grow and celebrate birthday after birthday with you. So while today may not have seemed any different to you, other than lots of people saying strange Happy Birthday words when you’re around, know that it was a very special day for us!

Love you to the Moon & Back, always and forever XOXO,



Born September 23, 2011 at 1:07 p.m. 7 lbs 10oz, 20 inches long!

1 Month!

2 Months!

3 Months!

4 Months!

5 Months!

6 Months!

7 Months!

8 Months

9 Months!

10 Months!!!

11 Months!

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s big 12 Month Picture!!!!

Know You’re a Mommy When; Poop Knowledge


Acrobatic Breastfeeding Nymphs


When you first start breastfeeding your biggest concerns center on latching on, positioning, frequency, soreness, adjusting to breastfeeding, fast forward 9 months if you make it that long and you enter a whole new realm of challenging. Suddenly your baby who used to snuggle in and feed herself to sleep thinks she should be entertained while feeding and if you won’t do it she’ll do it herself. How you might ask? Well there’s always slapping you in the face or chest repeatedly. That’s a favorite. Then there is the nose grab, which is almost as painful as the sucker punch but not quite. If that isn’t enough there’s always the crazy legs, kicking at you, away from you. It gets even more entertaining when they decide that isn’t enough and they should make a game out of feeding itself, latching on and then off, rolling away giggling then diving bombing your chest. Screaming desperately if you even think to stop these shenanigans or try to instill some breastfeeding manners (There are such things you know, but I can’t get my kids to sleep most nights so I feel breastfeeding manners are beyond in the realm of possibility). Yet somehow people always think it’s the teeth that makes breastfeeding an older baby/toddler challenging. I’ve never been bitten but I sure was  sucker punched the other day.

Pippa won her first metal this past weekend competing in the Riverfest Baby Races, where she out crawled another baby who flat out refused to crawl at all in the 6-9 month category. Somehow given her recent breastfeeding acrobatics including arching her back in little backbends and contorting her body into a pretzel all while nursing, I suspect this is only one of many metals to come, the rest likely in gymnastics.

Anyone else have amazingly acrobatic little ones or future karate champs on their hands breasts?

Nothing tastes better than 1st Place!!!

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