Turning 30 and Mathematically Aging


As my 30th Birthday approaches, I keep thinking of all the ways that 30 somehow signifies becoming old, as if being 29 years, 11 months and 20 days isn’t old but 30 years is. Also I know many of you are reading this and thinking 30 is not old and an equal amount of you are thinking better her than me, I’ve got a few more years. It’s okay, I get that, as we get older, older becomes older. What is old, I have no idea, perhaps you really are as old as you feel, so just how old do I feel?

As I approach 30 (in 11 days), here are some of the many things that have left me feeling ancient…

(1) As everyone began the adventure of a new school year I realized that it was HALF a lifetime ago that I began highschool. Half a freaking lifetime, 1/2 of my age, this almost brought me to tears.

(2) Along with the realization above it means that it was almost HALF a lifetime ago that I learned to drive. Hopefully I’ve improved since then.

(3) It was 10 years or 1/3 of my life ago that I met my now husband and we began dating. Yup he’s been stuck with me for 10 years, you can feel bad for him, I’m okay with that, or for me depending on your alliances =)

(4) It was 3/4 of my lifetime ago that I began 1st grade.

(5) When my children turn 30, I will be 57 and then 59, considering my own mother won’t turn 50 until March this makes me feel ancient.

(6) I am 15,763,680 minutes old, yes minutes I am almost 16 million minutes old, but only 10, 947 days old, somehow this makes me feel better.

However, I am younger than mobile phones (cell phones have been around longer than you think) and slightly younger than email, because in an every changing technological world this is what I gauge age by, as long as my technology hasn’t been replaced I must be young(er)!

But instead of focusing on this I’m trying to focus on what I’ve accomplished by 30, for an excellent reference point see Glamour’s List 30 Things Every Woman Should Have and Should Know by 30 and holding on to the hope, that life really does begin at 30!



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