DIY Family Rules; Stairs Style



In this house…

we are real

we make mistakes

we say I’m sorry

we give second chances

we have fun

we give hugs

we forgive

we do really loud

we are patient

we love.

I have a love hate relationship with Pinterest (see I’m  not feeling very Pinny lately!) but I must admit that it’s a great tool to use to store ideas. In fact, earlier this summer I came across an idea for Family Rules going up the stairs, possibly on Facebook because it was somewhere I couldn’t pin from. I then tried to link to the blog that was referenced below the picture and it was no longer available. Crap. I then did a google image search and what to my wondering eyes did appear, way down on the bottom of the page was the image I wanted it. Then I pinned it and went about the task of finding where I could get my own. Side not, it is absolutely weird how much the person whose stairs I pinned resemble my own, it’s really downright eerie, as you’ll see later. After finding not quite what I wanted a few different places by google searching in this house family rules and decals, I finally ended up on Etsy. UrbanWalls had exactly what I wanted and probably is where the ones in the pin came from. On a side note, Danielle Hardy of Urban Walls was super awesome and helpful cutting them down so that they would fit my stairs and doing a custom decal for our family room. The custom decal by the way is above the couch and says “This is definitely where I parked my car!” Name that movie anyone?

Anyway, once I had my decals I just cut them apart and applied them step by step, it probably took about a half hour. Only snag I ran in to was that sometimes if I wasn’t careful the transfer tape would pull off a bit of our white paint, because whoever originally painted the stairs didn’t really do a stand up job. You can see it on the Mistakes stair. That’s it, totally done! Voila Family Rules on the Stairs. Eventually maybe my kids will be able to read them…




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