Techno Hypocrites & Awesome Outlets


I’ve fully admitted my husband and I are techno junkies, at least within our income means. We are also anti-technology when it comes to our children, hence the hypocrites, which I’ve talked about in I’m not Anti-Techonology, I’m Pro-Kid. Anyway, awhile back I found this awesome USB outlet on Pinterest with USB ports to charge all your gadgets without the need for a converter. Sure that my husband who works in the electrical industry was keeping this fabulous idea from me, I sent it to him. Miraculously, I had stumbled onto something before him [CUE crazy miraculous music]. Needless to say that sparked him to find out if it was something that he could find from a supplier… and viola!

USB Outlet Awesomeness in my kitchen. Works with our iPads and iPods!!!!

Want to know where you can get one from, leave me a comment and I’ll get back to you!

Maybe I’ll even do my first giveaway with one….

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  1. I just began my search for these today and came across your blog. Until the one depicted above, I have yet to find one with the AC on the bottom where it belongs (wall wart friendly). Please let me know where to buy these!
    I’m hoping one or both USB ports are capable of 2.1A and at least 10V. Newer smartphones and tablets require at least this much to charge at a reasonable pace (or at all for one of the Kobo readers).

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