Boys Can Cry Too


Two year olds cry. a. lot. I’ll be the first to complain about it and tell you that spending time with us, means spending time with crying. No question about it, its annoying, really annoying!!!! Some days I want to pull my hair out annoying because no matter how many times I ask him why he’s crying or if he can use his words to tell me what’s wrong, most of the time he can’t or doesn’t. Likely because he’s two and he’s 3 feet of pure uncontrolled emotion. They call it Terrible Twos for something, although I keep hearing that Three isn’t much better, god help us all, I may not survive another year of this. However, lately I’ve been amazed by the amount of people who upon coming across my crying son, actually tell him to stop crying, because. boys. don’t. cry. Seriously? I mean really you’re seriously saying that to him, first he’s only 2 and second why don’t you just say, Brecken you have a penis and therefore you should be emotionally stunted, because that’s kind of the message you’re sending him. While you’re at it, perhaps you should just marry of my 8 month old? The Washington Post just did an article on this last week, entitled Why it’s good to let boys cry. This article focuses more on slightly older children but discusses the very real and negative effects that suppressing your emotional feelings can have, including increased depression and suicide. One thing that I know I’m guilty of and I don’t believe necessarily is tied to gender is telling my son that he’s okay after a small spill or bump, mostly because we see these 500X a day, but really would it kill me to ask if he’s okay or he’s hurt, making it a question rather than telling him what he feels, NO it wouldn’t and while the results wouldn’t likely be any different and he’ll still whine and cry, I’ve at least let him know that I care and that his feelings are important. So the next time you come across a crying boy, maybe think twice before telling him to man-up.

(Brecken during one of his epic meltdowns at Easter)


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  1. Thanks for linking up today! I try not to dwell on it too much but kids cry wayyyy more than I ever thought possible. Well, I thought MINE wouldn’t cry. : ) The crying is hard to handle at times so good for you for understanding this!

  2. Or that boys are tough and don’t need to be consoled or soothed when hurt. Wtf?! But a girl gets cuddles and kisses? No way. My boy’s feelings get validated! Hrrrmph!

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