Hacking up my Wedding Dress Photo Shoot


In case you haven’t read about hacking up my wedding dress for the purpose of making it into a baptismal gown for my daughter, that’s just what happened. I’ve included a picture of my wedding dress so you can see the before product. Hopefully, I will only have one daughter, otherwise they will have to share, my wedding dress wouldn’t have made two dresses. 

While there are no plans for a baby number three, I refuse to rule anything out. Just ask Pippa, if she could talk, she might tell you that she was a determined baby who came exactly when she wanted to come, on her own terms and her own timing. Anyway, I digress. To celebrate what a wonderful job Mama Jackson did on the dress (she made it, yes that woman can sew!) we decided to memorialize the occasion with a photo shoot. So here you have it, Pippa in all her baptismal gown glory and looking just a wee bit like a pilgrim baby:

The bonnet made it to exactly 1 picture =(

  Does anyone else think she is going to have red hair, because I totally do!

 If you can at all imagine it, I was holding her from underneath and tickling her thighs to get her to smile!


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