The Picture that Says it All


I rather suck at taking pictures, every now and then I get a really good one, but in general it’s an area that doesn’t just have room for improvement but more like fields and prairies of space for improvement. It’s on my very long to do list, but it keeps coming down to first getting a better camera, then I am going to take one of those classes where someone teaches me how to use it. Someday. I. Swear. Preferably before my kids graduate high school, even better if it’s before they start kindergarten. In the meantime I dutifully schlep my kiddos to someone else religiously to have their pictures taken at birth, three, six, nine twelve, and eighteen months and on their birthday every year thereafter.

Since moving back to my hometown we’ve been going to Endless Images Photography to the wonderful Savanna for our pictures. It never ceases to amaze me how between her and I we can transform my children into proper looking little gems and she can magically capture their humor and innocence and make them look like wonderful tiny little humans instead of the little sadists I think they are some most days. Anyway during this last session, they were not so cooperative. Brecken gave us exactly 10 minutes of charm and then was done. Have his picture taken with his sister, you couldn’t pay him. Pippa wasn’t going to smile if her life depended on it for most of the shoot. Until she got in the tutu, there is something this baby just loves about tutus. There was a lot of tickling, teasing and diving out of the camera shot at the last minute. I mean this was a serious workout, I was sweating by the time we were done. In an act of desperation toward the end to try to get them to take one good shot together, I pulled out my last card, my last trick and offered to be in the picture with them. NO MAKEUP, not dressed to be in a picture, I was even wearing white for gods sake and I’m not even sure I had washed my hair. The funniest thing though is that while not an amazing picture, it’s the most real picture of all of them, me trying to maneuver and hang on to two kiddos at the same time, with one wrestled under each arm, it is the truest representation of me and our life right now. This could have been shot multiple times on any given day if she were just to follow us around. So below are some of the “best” pictures and the one that says it all. Tomorrow look for the part of the photo shoot that captured Pippa in her baptismal gown aka my wedding dress, if you missed that story, see Hacking Up My Wedding Dress!


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  1. Amanda, you are too funny!!! You are definitely quite a motivated mom when it comes to getting the kiddos in front of my lens and I think you deserve a ribbon of some sort for your efforts! To this day, you’re the only (super) pregnant mom I know who did a workout equivalent to p90x during your first shoot with me! But, the absolutely adorable kiddos your bring to visit my studio make my job kind of easy (even if there is a little sweat involved)! =)

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