The Best of Intentions…


We (Brecken and I )frequently make up little games and songs. The newest little game is where I huff and puff and blow air at his face so his curly hair flies all over the place. Sometimes I even say I’ll huff and puff and blow your hair all over, borrowing a bit from the three little pigs. This has come full circle to bite me in the ass. After getting Brecken after he awoke from his nap and changing him, he kept saying something like “I bow” (think bow as in rhymes with mow or you shoot a bow), after a few “what’s that honey”, finally as in a voice full of sheer exasperation rather loudly says “I BLOW YOU”. Not exactly something you want your 2-year-old walking around saying, which he will, although I understood exactly what he wanted, me to lean forward so he could huff and puff and blow air on the top of my head. After which he goes “You blow me.”

I think it’s time for a new game, or at least some fine tuning of the language used to describe this game!

Brecken is 26 months old and please disregard the mess in the background =)


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  1. I can think of a lot worse things for him to be accidentally saying. Like if you lived on a farm and called some of the chickens cocks. Now THAT could produce some funny! Nothing wrong with blowing your baby. 😉

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