Desperate Plea of the Sleep Deprived Mother


Dear Children,

Did you know, that in fact, it is recommended, advised, necessary for your health and well-being that infants age 7 months and 2-year-old toddlers diligently average 13-14 hours of sleep in a day! If you do the math that means you should basically be sleeping for all but 10 hours of the day. Imagine what Mama could accomplish in 13-14 hours a day, the possibilities are endless. Even if I were to sleep 7 hours, that would give me nearly 7 hours to do things like clean, cook, blog, work, sleep, shop online, read a book, paint my nails, play on Facebook and Pinterest, have a glass of wine. Clearly I have a lot of things to do, I am way behind on laundry pinning, tweeting and I have a million digital pictures to organize on this new computer and a pile of novels I’d like to read. So, I know I preach about how I want you to be unique little butterflies with your own brightly colored wings exploring the world blah blah blah and not being like every body else blah blah blah. But for once can’t you just be “normal”, I mean sleeping that much is probably good for you, there’s a reason it’s recommendedadvised, necessary for your health and well-being and not just because I think it’s necessary for MY health and well-being, i.e. sanity. So let’s get together on this Team Jackson and sleep, LOTS. More. than. you. sleep. now. And while I’m making demands, let’s make it be known that you are SUPPOSED to sleep at the same time, when one of you sleeps that is a clear indication that it is time for the other, lets all get together on this. Isn’t there some saying about the family that prays together stays together, well clearly it doesn’t work to say the family that sleeps together… because that just sounds awful for reasons you’re far too young to understand so we’ll change it to the family whose children nap at the same time, have parents who don’t lost their minds! Why you say? Because I’m the Mom and what I say goes! Yup I said it.

With Love,

Your Mama

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  1. LOVE IT! My youngest 2 daughters are 26 months apart, and when the baby was born, my then 2-year old was still waking up at least 3 times a night. In addition, my newborn was also up several times a night. Problem was, their schedules weren’t in sync! I endured a whole year of this. Serious sleep deprivation. I often wonder if I may have been the inspiration for the show The Walking Dead, because that’s how I felt!!

    Hang in there :-)))

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