A Love Story & Eulogy


It began as all great relationships begin, on the rebound of a horrible one. I had gone on one too many dates and been in two long term relationships with p.c.s. While the longest relationship with my Dell was a comfortable one it lacked spark, passion and fun. Eventually I needed a more portable companion and that’s when the relationship that will make all others pale in comparison came into existence. I suffered through a miserable first year of law school, made altogether more miserable by a horribly loud Toshiba I often thought would launch off its respective surface and take flight. That relationship came to a very quick end when I met Mac at an Apple store in Edina, MN and it was love at first sight. There was the passion, spark, fun, exciting graphics, great visualization, user-friendly laptop I’d been dreaming of, its name was MacBook. Never once in our 5 year relationship did he judge me for spending too much time on the Internet. For deciding shoe shopping was more fun than listening to my constitutional law professor. For being on Facebook or Pinterest instead of working. He simply did what he had to do day in and day out to make my life and bad habits easier and never asked for more than the occasional software update. If he only could deliver Starbucks he would have been perfect. Then out of nowhere yesterday he left me, I suppose all good relationships must come to an end at some point whether by death or divorce. And so my MacBook will be laid to rest after the technical people scramble to try and recover my not so much backed up data and I sit devastated and saddened by my loss and cannot help but wonder whether given the innumerable times that my Mac was dropped this last year, if this was one relationship that in fact did not to survive children.

A white Apple MacBook.

A white Apple MacBook. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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