Sick Kids for Rent…


Ladies and Gentleman, I have got a whopping deal for you, today only for the all time low price of absolutely nothing, heck for a limited time only I will even pay you, I will rent you my sick kids. Minimum rental time is 2 hours. Perhaps you’d like to infect your own kids to ensure they get their spring colds/crud before a planned vacation or family event, maybe you’re a hypochondriac in need of a new ailment, maybe you have Munchausen, perhaps malingering has failed you and you’re looking for the real deal, LOOK NO FURTHER. All it takes is a simple background check and they’re yours, temporarily. I won’t even make you take them somewhere, you can borrow my house while you’re at it, as long as I can lock myself upstairs, take a hot bath and a nap while you manage to keep them from screaming. I assure you it’s a fabulous deal…for me. There is nothing worse than being a sick kid, when you’re too little for medicine, unable to verbalize what’s wrong with you and you just feel crappy, but what’s worse than all that? Being the sick children’s Mama, who is also sick. Sick Sucks. There’s my alliteration for the day, I might turn it into a bumper sticker, because I think that’s about all the funny I have left.

Happy Good Friday!!! Here’s to hoping for a fabulous recovery so we can enjoy the Easter Egg Hunt tomorrow morning at the park, and so that they’re well enough to score me lots of candy!! Yes, I said me, back off.



Pippa chomping on her snot sucker!!!

They have a love/hate relationship, as in she loves putting it in her mouth, hates it going anywhere near her nose.

(Don’t worry I washed it first)


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    • Thanks!! According to my husband I am at my funniest when sick, something about not having the energy to worry about filters!! P.S. your chick cupcakes are adorable and our neighbors just finished their chicken run which while envious of, it would take what little room in our tiny backyard we have dedicated to a child play area away, so my dreams of chickens will stay just that too

  1. Always love your humorous take on the daily trials and tribulations of mothering.

    I’d like to nominate you for The Versatile Blogger Award. Visit my page if you need more info. Thank you!

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