Sleeping Babes, Whatever shall we do?


It’s a rare and miraculous occasion when both our children nap at the same time. Pippa consistently refuses to be burdened with anything like a nap schedule, it cramps her style. Brecken on the other hand is pretty darn routine which is great and all but with Pippa refusing to ever sleep while he sleeps, we’re not left with much adult time, factor in that she sleeps with us and well you do the math. Dad, if you’re reading this you may want to stop, I got my innate ability to form mental pictures from someone.

On Sunday we got one of those rare and miraculous occasions when they both were sleeping at the same time. So many things we could do… we could:

1. Have crazy mind-blowing ummm whoopee (just in case Dad’s still reading, gotta love the Game Show Network) or even sub-par whoopee for that matter, or any other kind although hey at least we’re not here.

2. Freely eat as much ice cream, cupcakes, Easter candy as we want, in the open, like normal human beings without having to lock ourselves in the bathroom or closet and shove our face full in secret while hiding from our son, shut up you know you do/have done it too

3. Watch some of the thirty million shows we have tivo’d since we don’t let out children watch tv, which means we have to watch tv when they’re not around. Keep your hypocrite comments to yourself, please.

4. Do all the things we constantly tell our children they cannot do, play ball in the house, wear no pants, run around the house like a crazy person, then again those things may wake up the sleeping babes.

5. Take a freaking nap because we are far more sleep deprived than the kiddos.

I  could come up with all kinds of things we could have done, super fun awesome things, but know what we did… no we did not sleep for those of you that are as sleep deprived as we are…we ….PAINTED THE KITCHEN, because that’s how cool we are! So cool we’re still using the word cool! In our defense it’s one less room with silly putty colored walls. If you’re appalled by our use of time, don’t worry I think my husband was too, at least I think he was based on his why do you still have clothes on comment, looking back I guess we could have painted naked?

 (Our Kitchen has like no walls, so it’s hard to get a good picture, I’ll take Brickberry  any day over the old color I have not so fondly deemed silly putty which still reigns over the living room, play room, upstairs/downstairs hallway and dining room, sigh)


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