I Like Underwear & other Statements from a 2 Year Old!


Two year olds are extremists in every sense of the word. In fact I’m beginning to develop a hypothesis that terrorists are really 2 year olds trapped in adult bodies and with unfortunate access to guns and weapons of mass destruction. It’s not just the radical shifting from happy to sad, happy to screaming on the top of his ever loving lungs, it’s the constant shifts from engaged to disengaged and from liking something to disliking something. Every day feels like training in psychological warfare just to keep up with him and his thoughts, emotions, and moods. If the FBI hasn’t considered including running a daycare as part of their training, they should, a lot can be said about the skills and patience learned in the grasps of a 2 year old. In addition to his radical mood shifting, Brecken has developed what he seems to think of as the super sneaky manipulative tactic of declaring his ever dying love for something in the form of “I Like [insert anything].

Brecken’s rationale is that if you like something then clearly you should be able to eat it, have it, do it. Why not? This has caused a lot of laughs and well those moments when you stare down at your child and think “really, your mine?”, today for instance after explaining to him that we didn’t use bathwater to brush our teeth, he stares at me and says ” No Mama, I LIKE to brush my teeth with bathwater” as he dips his toothbrush in my dirty draining bathwater. Um, gross, I think it’s time for a new toothbrush. He followed this up by desperately grabbing my shampoo and yelling “I like Soap”. I’m not sure if he’s just hoarding the soap out of some fear I may never let him bathe again, something he thankfully enjoys or if well he just loves the cucumber goodness that is my shampoo? That’s good as long as that equates to using soap, right.  His latest declaration which he has taken to repeating as we circle around potty training (he’s very hot/cold about the whole potty training concept, does well then awful) is “I Like Underwear” he says it often enough that I’m running out of ways to politely tell him that until you actually shit  poop on the toilet, I’m just not going there, because you don’t seem to be the kid who is bothered by having accidents in underwear. So as you may ponder what things you like, here are a few things Brecken likes:

Brecken  likes…


Brushing my teeth in bathwater! (Don’t forget it should be dirty bath water)

The Potty Training Years 1988–1992

The Potty Training Years (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Coffee! (future coffee addict apparently)

Iced Tea! (this I actually let him try just to prove him wrong, I know I’m a meanie)


the Mail!

the Moon!

Cupcakes (well really who doesn’t)

Church (that’s promising)

the Highchair (yeah sorry bud that’s no longer yours)

garbage bags (yup good times can always be had with garbage bags)

shoes (well they’re useful and I like them too!)

Police Cars (as long as you don’t like riding in police cars I guess that’s okay)

and the list goes on and on…




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