Today You are Six Months Old!


Dear Philippa Brynn,

Today you are six months old or 262,974.383 minutes and counting!!!! Goodness, I thought it would be more minutes than that. You’re also probably wondering who Philippa Brynn is, since we never actually call you that. My darling Pippa, oh how time flies by. It seems like just yesterday, I was begging the Doctor that you needed to come early and behold, twelve days before your due date you lazily made your way into the world on a Friday afternoon. It’s funny how once you have children it’s as if you’ve always had children, the way you just fit into the puzzle that is our family.

The differences between Brecken and you have been evident since day one, and I love to see all the little things that make you uniquely you. They say that it isn’t really until around now that a babe’s personality really starts to shine through. But you, you must have a big personality, because it’s been evident since day one. You are such an observer, studying everything put in front of you, when you could finally hold objects it thrilled you greatly and you turn them over in your hands and then like most babies, right into the mouth. You love to laugh, especially at your brother who takes great pleasure in making you giggle. You have mastered the art of rolling over and take this new-found ability very seriously.  While you cannot quite sit up yet on your own, perhaps a result of your petite physique, you love to stand and I am nervous you are just going to skip crawling and start running. You’re a bit on the serious side my sweet baby, you make us charm you for those smiles, but when we get them they’re worth every moment. Only now after six months on this planet are you finally giving us an inkling of a routine and only an inkling, never fully willing to commit to something like a normal nap schedule. Yet your are the most content baby I know, nary a cry comes out of you unless it is for some serious grievance. So on this special day, when you are already halfway to a year, I hope you know how much I love you and how much I look forward to our journey ahead.




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