I’m NOT feeling very Pinny lately!!


Don’t get me wrong I love Pinterest, I love the idea behind Pinterest, but at the same time, it seems like it’s just another way of reminding me what a failure I am or can be. I don’t need to be the last girl picked in dodge ball heck I don’t even need to play dodge ball. I pin all of these great ideas and have sworn that each week I will try to make/replicate one of the pins that I find and admittedly have found some great recipes and kids crafts. Yet sometimes I find myself staring at Pinterest and internally screaming GOD I UNDERSTAND I WILL NEVER BE F%CK*NG PERFECT so please stop pinning all these amazing crafts/ideas that only those annoyingly perfect mothers whose children don’t suck all of the energy and life out of their mothers on a daily basis can do. Assholes.

I get that I am the mother at play group whose hair looks like she doesn’t own a brush (stupid natural curls I curse you), who most often has spit up on her arm and nearly always finds some random stain caused by my toddler’s sticky fingers only after I have pulled out of the driveway. I notoriously fail to remember to bring a diaper bag and am as a whole generally the one unprepared for whatever the activity may be and often leave thinking how do the rest of them do it. I’ve come to accept that and know that I LOVE my children and they LOVE me and we have a LOT OF FUN together albeit messy, crazy and totally disorganized, but I just don’t need crap from Pinterest. So when all you perfect mothers pin your crazy ideas about how I should spend that rare free time I have to make DIY dolls that are ridiculously cute and I really want one, I also kind of want to be sick. Do you people really have time to do that, if so I think I might hate you a little. Needless to say, I might need a hiatus from Pinterest.


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    • I found your comment in my spam comments, I just learned there was such a thing, apparently the filter could use some work. Glad to know I’m not the only one out there that’s disorganized!!! Thanks for stopping by!

  1. I don’t think it’s just Pinterest that perpetuates the idea of “perfect mom”. Still trying to decide where to direct that ire – but I enjoyed your post!

  2. It really isn’t all Pinterest’s fault, it just tends to remind me how completely flawed I am on a daily basis, so for lack of a better alternative, today it got my ire, but for all I know pinterest is simply full of people like me trying to be a bit “better”! Thanks for the comment and stopping by!

  3. Bleh. I don’t like that e-card. I hate the idea that I’m not a “grown up” until I birth a child. Just like I hate people who claim my husband and I aren’t “a family” until I have kids. Not that I don’t want kids, I just think those are terrible ideas O.o LoL.

    • Fair enough, I would agree people without children are equally as “grown up” I might argue that women who have had “people fall out of their vagina” perhaps have a different perspective given their experience, if that makes any sense. I totally agree with you on the family thing, who defined family to require kids, I myself hate the questions, first it was when are you getting married, then when are you having kids, then when are you having another kid, now it’s are you having a 3rd kid, I’m pretty sure if we have another it would just keep going until at some magic number unbeknownst to me it will become when are you going to stop having kids, I think the cycle just keeps going until you’re deemed “old” and people stop asking. Thanks for the comments!!!

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