A Wee Case of the Jitters and some Damn Good Cupcakes!


I think that may win for longest blog title ever, not that I’ve ever checked. It’s definitely a personal best. I’m pretty sure Word Press would frown on it based upon all these blogging tips they keep sending me. They can bite me. I can’t help that the creative part of my brain has been disarmed by the caffeine I’ve ingested. This caffeine is tantamount to my survival, whereas creativity is not.

You see, where most people’s new years resolutions involve giving up things, like I won’t eat as much fast food this year, I’ll stop drinking so much pop this year, I’ll work out 3x a week this year, I’ve decided to TAKE UP drinking coffee this year. I love me some Vanilla Latte, Starbucks and Moka you tantalize me every day, unfortunately I can eat some places for what a good latte costs me, and now that I’ve gone down to working 2 days a week, never-ending deliciously yummy lattes have to go. Unfortunately this also happens to be the prime of my sleep deprivation, so the logical and economical solution was to take up coffee. So I went out and bought myself one of these Keurig machines determined to master the art of drinking coffee. I tried really hard to drink it black but just couldn’t do it, perhaps I just didn’t like the coffee in the sampler pack that came with it, but have found with some caramel flavored creamer, not a lot just a splash, I can actually successfully drink, wait. for. it, one whole cup a day, no more sloshing half cups down the sink for this girl. Strangely enough, regardless of my love of lattes, although admittedly half caf or decaf since I always seem to be pregnant/breastfeeding lately, the occasional caramel macchiato and the boat loads of ice tea I drink, one freaking cup of coffee has me totally jittery. I have friends that drink something like 12 cups in a morning, if I did that I’m pretty sure I would need a sedative. Does this just go away when my body becomes addicted to the caffeine? Lets hope so! In the mean time I guess I will just have to suffer through it, at least I’m awake and alert.

And now onto the cupcakes.

Because I’m being lazy and combining posts, the cupcakes are my Pinterest creation of the week. These cupcakes are DAMN GOOD. I used this recipe for the Chocolate Cupcakes and followed her link to her recipe for Cream Cheese Frosting of which I made the Chocolate version. I followed the cupcake recipe exactly except the best I could do was Nestle cocoa, they turned out AMAZING. Ever since we stopped making boxed baked goods in our effort to make things more naturally and we found it DISTURBING just how long they stayed moist (no cake should be moist a week and a half after baked, yes sometimes it takes me that long to throw things away, backoff) we’ve been looking for a good cake/cupcake recipe. We need look no further, THIS. IS. IT. I had a little more trouble with the frosting, I don’t think the 10 minutes was long enough for my butter and after I couldn’t get it to unclump, I eventually had to microwave it for about 45 seconds, which given our sucky microwave didn’t melt anything but made it warm enough to blend, and it turned out DELICIOUS. I should warn you it makes a lot of frosting but it is soo good I’m trying to think of other things to frost, because you don’t throw shit this good away! I added chocolate sprinkles to some of the cupcakes, I left some with just the frosting, and I dipped some in Andes mint crumbles. I’ve only tried the Andes mint ones thus far but they are to. die. for. Below is a picture of my creations, for all you haters that are like OH.MY. GOD. she didn’t pipe her frosting, the exit button to this blog is in the top left corner, please find it now. No, I used the good old-fashioned knife method, I had to frosten these bad boys while one kiddo was sleeping and before the other one burst into tears, time was of the essence. Now if I still haven’t sold you on these cupcakes, I sent the following text to my husband after finishing…

A: “I think you need to come home and eat a cupcake, it’s kind of like chocolate sex”

to which he wittily replied:

J: “I missed the middle all I got was home and sex”

Men, sigh. I think I’ll go eat another cupcake….

  Delicious Fabulous Cupcakes

(it made more than this but my husband ate several unfrosted ones)

*Edited to clarify that I’m either pregnant or breastfeeding and that I am by NO MEANS currently pregnant with no immediate plans to be any time in the near future or maybe ever again!


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