My 2 Year Old Reflection


Love it or hate it, but our children are invariably a reflection of ourselves. Not just our physical features but our habits, views, manners and mannerisms. They’re the best of us and the worst of us. Through our children we learn things about ourselves we never knew, including how stinking annoying our habits can be when turned around on us.

Case in point, Brecken has taken to responding to all forms of verbal communication with a single word. Believe it or not, it is not the NO word, almost worse in my mind really though, it is “WHAT”. Not only does he say this single syllable word loudly, it’s as if he saves all of his enunciation skills for this one word, which he even manages to use while giving you this blank sort of stare that says oh you’re talking to me, even though I’m two feet away from you I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear you and say “WHAT”. It’s my go to word, the one when I use when I’m upstairs and he’s yelling at me from the main floor or when my husband says something and since I have awful hearing I didn’t quite catch all of it. While admittedly I use it much more sparingly than Brecken who has taken to saying it something like 234 times a day, I now realize how completely annoying it can be when not truly needed, because I just want to shove his little “what” which he’ll repeat multiple times over after you’ve repeated yourself 7 times down his throat and scream YOU HEARD ME at him. Instead I just swallow my angst which will probably lead to years of therapy for all of us and smile and say “Buddy you heard me now let me help you get some crackers.”

As if it wasn’t hard enough to keep all of the bad habits I was already aware of in check such as my want and desire to throw out the occasional swear word, sarcasm, poor eating habits and all those other things I just don’t like about myself now I have to worry about the habits I’m totally oblivious too. Perhaps we will all learn just a little more about ourselves as this journey into the “Terrible Twos” continues and if we’re really lucky, we’ll come out of it better people, assuming we survive or our kids don’t drive us mad first.

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  1. Oh, they pick up everything! You are very right. They are little reflections of us. I see all the things I hate about myself coming out in my kids now and then, and fear that they will grow up to hate those things too. Parenting is most definitely an eye opening experience and a lot of it is learning who we are as parents. Jackson asked me today in the car- “Mommy- what’s a moron?” after I yelled at the car in front of me. I know exactly what I need to fix about myself as my kids are like little hawks questioning every word I say and move I make.

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