Hacking up my wedding dress…


I bet you’ve never thought of up-cycling your wedding dress. I didn’t either until I attended a friend’s baby shower and her mother and grandmother made a baptismal gown out of their wedding dress for the new baby. Pippa was around six weeks old then and we were planning to have her baptized in February at around 4 1/2 months old. The idea got me thinking, seriously when am I going to ever wear my wedding dress again? Well lets be honest if after two kids I could still fit into my size 0 wedding dress I would wear that baby everywhere, work here I come wedding dress and all, grocery store, no problem, don’t mind my poufs and if you could please not step on my dress while I hem over the best kiwis that would be super.

But alas, two kids have taken their toll and my still, oops, not dry cleaned wedding dress was still hanging in a closet. I really did mean to go have it preserved, one of these days. Since I cannot sew, although I heard this wonderful rumor that if you buy a sewing machine from the fabulous people over at Olive Juice Quilts they will teach you how to use it, which I totally intend to do one of these days, so lookout, I was lucky enough to marry a man whose mother is beyond gifted at it. I’m quite sure she never expected my random call that day which went something like this…Hi, how are you, good, so if I sent you my wedding dress could you make a baptismal gown out of it? Before I knew it, I was sending my wedding dress, that oh so very special dress that just made my day, all the way from Wisconsin to Arizona to be hacked up and with a lot of blind faith and fingers crossed turned into something really special. Something that I thought would be far more likely to be passed down from one generation to the next than it would in wedding dress form. The result, STUPENDOUS, even better than I could have ever imagined in my wildest dreams. The pictures below do not even do it justice. I am hoping that when we go to visit our good friend Savanna at Endless Image Photography (who takes BEAUTIFUL PHOTOS for any of you in the area) this month for Pippa’s 6 month session, we can get some amazing shots with her in it, and maybe she’ll even let me share one or two on here.

So if you have your wedding dress hiding in a closet somewhere, consider making (if you’re a talented seamstress) or having it made into a baptismal gown for your little one. I really believe it made the day extra special and just maybe when, hyperventilating, I am a grandma someday, I will get to watch my own daughter pass this amazing dress on to the next generation. Even better she also used the dress to make a garter for when she gets married someday if she does, so she can spread my dress over two very special days in her life.

Up Close of the Top…


The back of the dress, that’s even the ribbon from my dress and the bonnet…


The front of the dress….



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  1. Thank you for trusting me with your wedding dress. It meant lot to know you trusted me with your special day dress. You were lovely on your wedding day and your daughter, my grand-daughter was just as lovely on your special day. I hope to be around for the next generation to enjoy this gift of love we both created.

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