Sweet Sweet Breakfast Treat


I love Pinterest, I might be addicted to Pinterest. In fact I was wondering if they will start having support groups for people who spend too much time on Pinterest. P.A.A. Pinterest Addicts Anonymous perhaps? But as much as I love the hunting, finding, pinning and the nosing around what other people are pinning, I really like to actually try to recreate some of the things I’ve pinned. SO in full disclosure I thought I would share my successes and failures with you. This week we made Baked Oatmeal with Strawberries, Chocolate and Bananas from Pinterest and it was DELICIOUS! We used Steel Cut Oats because that was all we had on hand but it made it just a little chewier than I imagine rolled oats would and we were ok with that. It was pretty chocolatey which wasn’t a bad thing but I think next time I am going to experiment and try substituting raisins for the chocolate chips to make me feel like it’s a healthier option. But lemme tell you, there will DEFINITELY be a next time. Heres to hoping my 2 year old doesn’t think we’re going to eat something like this for breakfast everyday because lets be honest, most days breakfast comes from a box!

If anyone is somehow not on Pinterest that wants to be, leave a comment with your email and I will be sure to get you an invite.


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